Identity Theft Prevention

Identity Theft

Important: We will never attempt to contact you to verify your personal or account information over the phone, via a link in an email, or through text messaging. If you receive a request from someone claiming to represent Solano First, it's fraudulent, and you should contact us immediately.

Identity theft continues to increase every year. Essentially, the Internet has provided new opportunities for individuals perpetrating identity theft, credit card fraud, and various scams including "phishing" attacks. Phishing is a term used for criminals' attempts to steal personal financial information through fraudulent e-mails and websites designed to look like legitimate businesses. The National Credit Union Administration and other FFIEC member agencies have developed a brochure providing guidance for credit union members. View their brochure (PDF format) and find out more about what steps you should take to reduce the risk of identity theft.

If you believe you may have been the victim of identity theft, you should contact us right away for assistance with your credit union accounts. Our partner, Balance Financial Fitness can provide additional assistance. As a member of Solano First Federal Credit Union, this service is free of charge. Access Balance's Identity Theft Assistance.