Fraud Service Center

Fraud Service Center

When it comes to Fraud Alert Management Services, we've got you covered. Our Fraud Management team is hard at work behind the scenes, watching your accounts when suspicious activity occurs. We are looking out for your best interests.

We are also utilizing text message to all SMS enabled phone numbers. With that said, it is extremely important that you provide your most current contact information, (home, mobile, alternate/work telephone number as well as your email address), which will enable us to reach you as quickly as possible in case of fraud. The easiest way to do this is through your Solano First Home Banking login.

Should you receive a call from our Fraud Service Center please work with us to verify any possible fraudulent activity referenced. If you receive a voice message from our Fraud Service Center, please return the call as soon as possible and reference the Case Number left in the message.

Please use the following phone numbers:

Debit & Credit Card:

In Country: 888-241-2440

Out of Country: 909-941-1034