Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Our FREE mobile banking app is so convenient — it's like carrying a branch in your pocket. View your account history, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and more — all from your mobile device.

It's secure and so easy to use. Bank on the go, wherever and whenever you like!

AccessPay & Access Deposit

AccessPay provides person-to-person mobile payments, and Access Deposit let you deposit checks to your account without having to come in to the branch or fill out deposit slips. Just scan a check with your smartphone, and you'll be able to send the funds directly to your account. Once you've verified your deposit , retain the check in a safe place for fourteen (14) days and then it should be destroyed. This is a completely electronic process. You do not need to mail/physically submit the check to the Credit Union. 


Refer to our FAQs, or contact us. We'll be happy to help!

  • Touch and Fingerprint ID-enabled
  • FREE, fast, and secure service for members enrolled in online banking*
  • Easily keep track of your finances — even on-the-go:
  • Available via any web-enabled cell phone or device
  • AccessPay; person-to-person mobile payments
  • Access Deposit; deposit checks to your account with your smartphone camera
  • View account balances
  • Review history (up to 6 months)
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Receive alerts
  • Pay bills
  • Web browsing
  • Save time — skip a trip to a branch

*Wireless carrier data rates may apply.

Access Deposit

The Ultimate Convenience for Depositing Checks

Using our mobile app — available for iPhone and Android — Members can now deposit checks anytime, day or night, without a check hold!


  • Make deposits 24/7 — no branch visit necessary
  • Receive up to the full check amount without a hold
  • Works on Apple and Android smartphones
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Same deposit limit as with ATM deposits on your debit card

Who is eligible to use Access Deposit?

  • Must have aFree checking account
  • Account history must be longer than 60 days
  • No negative balance (outside of CPay) within past 60 days
  • Minor, CUTMA, Memorial/Estate accounts are not eligible

Enjoy easy person-to-person mobile payments

Using our free mobile app — available for iPhone and Android — Members can transfer money to anyone with a PayPal account.


  • Transfer funds to anyone 24/7
  • Free service for members
  • Works on Apple and Android smartphones
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Send up to $500 a day, per transaction ($1 minimum)
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Transactions are verified via email or text message
  • Funds are withdrawn immediately

Who is eligible to use Access Deposit?

  • Must have a Free checking account
  • Send doesn't need a PayPal account, but recipient must have one

To use AccessPay:

1. Select AccessPay on your iPhone or Android App.

2. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

3. Select AccessPay to transfer funds.

4. Select phone number or email address to have security code sent.

  • After retrieving this code, enter it on the input screen to continue with your transaction.

5. Follow the prompts on the subsequent screens. Ensure that the recipient's email address or mobile phone number is correct before pressing "Send."