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Michael Warrell
President and CEO

As a member of Solano First Federal Credit Union, you are an equal owner of this not-for-profit financial services organization. The balanced variety of savings and loan options here at Solano First offers members the opportunity for long-term financial security. Solano First also provides information to help you, our members, better manage your personal finances.

Unlike a bank, your Credit Union is owned and directed by its members and has no outside stockholders or paid Board of Directors. In fact, your Board members are all non-paid volunteers who have been elected by their fellow members to guide Credit Union policy. And unlike banks, Solano First members typically receive higher dividends on savings, pay lower interest rates on loans and are charged reduced or no fees for various services.

Founded more than 60 years ago, Solano First continues to be an organization made up of people, not money. As a cooperative financial service, members pool their savings, providing funds from which other members borrow. The earnings from these loans provide income to pay dividends and savings and support operations. As a member of Solano First Federal Credit Union, you are entitled to use any of the excellent services offered. And becoming a member is simple! If you live, work or worship in any of our selected service communities, you're eligible for membership. Just stop by any of our conveniently located branches to see if you are eligible for membership.

I encourage you to take a moment to review our enhanced website outlining our services and benefits. As you will see, our motto of "Access Equals Freedom" summarizes our objective to provide you with the most convenient quality financial services at the best rates!


Our promise to you is simple: Superior Service. Unbeatable Price. Here are some examples of how we bring that promise to life.


Auto Beat: Our auto beat guarantee means we won't be beat on price, whether you are buying a new or used vehicle or would like to refinance your current auto loan. If we can't beat your rate we'll pay you $300! This is all part of our commitment to helping our members improve their financial lives.

FREE* ATMs: There are over 3.3 million ATMs worldwide and you have ACCESS to all of them! With Access Checking, any ATM is your ATM. Seriously. We'll refund your ATM fees at the end of each month -- up to $5 per transaction. So go on and free yourself from those pesky ATM fees. Apply for Access Checking today!

If you're up, we're open: Deposit checks, deposit cash, or get cash 24/7! We upgraded our ATM network to improve our members' convenience. Now you can bank on your time and deposit your checks or cash 24/7. Find a cash or check deposit ATM near you.

FREE Mobile Banking: Access Pay provides person-to-person mobile payments, and Access Deposit allows you to deposit checks to your account without having to come in to the branch or fill out deposit slips. Just scan a check with your smartphone, and you'll be able to send the funds directly to your account. Download today in the Apple Store and Google Play!


Please tell your friends and family to come join Solano First so they too can take advantage of Solano County's best financial institution with the lowest rates and employees who put you our members first.

As I said, our promise to you is simple: Superior Service. Unbeatable Price. We appreciate your membership and look forward to serving you.

Thank you.


Michael Warrell


Solano First Federal Credit Union